Search Engine Optimisation Company in Melbourne

Want better website rankings? We'll get along just fine. Truth be told, we are one of the most effective mobs within the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) industry in Melbourne and throughout Australia. This is largely due to two factors: our entire team takes a straightforward approach to optimising websites, and we care about getting excellent results for every single client. It's a real-world approach to digital marketing. In many ways your business is your life, therefore we take the utmost care with your online project.

Why Not Just Go With Another SEO Company?

  • We can show you real customers in your area who have benefitted from our SEO campaigns
  • Face to face meetings with your project manager
  • Monthly reports that are easy to understand
  • Measurable targets & progress indicators that you can track
  • Safe "white hat" SEO techniques...we play by the rules. No shortcuts.
  • You're FREE....No lock in contracts.
  • Every project gets our full attention. The big guys can't truthfully say that.

Real SEO Results, or Drop Us

With our growing team of technicians and marketing experts, we are positioned to deliver the results you're looking for. Web-DND requires no long term contracts for a simple reason...we don't have to. Either we deliver excellent results for our clients or they don't have to continue the services. When an SEO company locks you into a one or two year contract, it can often mean they're not confident you'll be happy or will get a good return on investment. But that's not how we do business. We work hard for you, and the results should speak for themselves.

The Importance of Good SEO

Website optimisation is an ongoing process in improving a particular website's rankings in the organic listings of search engines. We offer premium website optimisation services (also known as SEO, or search engine optimisation...starting to get it?) to all our clients. With more and more consumers searching for products and services online, it has never been more important to ensure that your website is performing well in the major search engines.

Word of mouth referrals are great. Print advertising sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. Social media is great for brand awareness. But if you want to consistently tap into HOT LEADS at the exact moment they're looking for your services, then we recommend you hire a trusted SEO company in Melbourne to help your site feature prominently in the search results.

Should YOU Consider Trying SEO?

If you're wondering if professional SEO is right for you, you might consider these four questions:

  • Do you work in a competitive market?
  • Do your prospective customers use search engines to look for your industry, products, or services?
  • Could you get more leads if your website ranked for additional phrases ("keywords") your customers use when they search online?
  • Do you want your business to be highly visible in a certain area, or to a specific audience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could probably benefit from good SEO. No matter what your industry or size of business, you need new customers to survive and grow. If you are serious about attracting more customers and expanding your business, we help you achieve this and put the right foundations in place with a strategic marketing plan.

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) involves making your website more search engine friendly. If your site isn't "tuned" for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, then it might be hard for your customers to find...much like a shop with no sign out front, tucked away behind taller buildings. If you tell someone where it is, they'll likely find it. But you'll be nearly invisible to most of your prospects and miss out on a lot of business.

Web-DND (Website Design & Development) can perform dozens and dozens of actions to make your site rank better when your potential customers search for your products or services online. Some of these can be done right away, others are done over time to continually win Google's favor.

We're a full service marketing agency. From search engine optimisation to website design, building social media, web video production, photography, and graphic design, we create value for our clients, give them our honest opinion, and collaborate regularly to achieve their marketing goals.

If you would like to discuss which SEO strategy might suit you best, please contact us today and we'll gladly help get your business on the right track.

Organic Vs Pay Per Click (PPC)

It's important to understand the difference between 'paid listings' and 'organic website optimisation.' They each serve a purpose.

Paid listings can be purchased through search engines like Google's AdWords service, Yahoo, Bing, etc, and can achieve results almost instantly. However, once you stop paying (or you reach your daily limit) your website will disappear altogether from this area of the search results page. You're then left with no presence, or your organic listing, which might be far away from page one, and therefore almost invisible. The purpose of organic optimisation is to achieve long-term high ranking listings in the 'free & natural' section of the search results. This ensures that your website appears 24 hours per day and in the long run can work out to be substantially cheaper than using PPC.

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